Every apple…our best apple


Mr Apple apples are safe, pure and 100% traceable back to source.

This means our global wholesale and retail customers have the confidence and assurances they need to know our apples are safe.

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Our world class food safety and traceability systems reduce risk and give peace of mind.


Mr Apple has food safety and traceability certifications from some of the most demanding programs in the world.


  • GlobalG.A.P.
  • GRASP (GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment for Social Practice)
  • New Zealand Food Act Registered
  • Pipfruit New Zealand industry IFP Programme
  • Pipfruit New Zealand industry Apple Futures II Programme
  • SEDEX registered
  • Plus several GLOBALG.A.P. add-ons and other customer-specific requirements


  • NZ MPI Accredited
  • BRC
  • BioGro export registered
  • TPPA (Tesco Post-Harvest Audit)
  • New Zealand Customs Secure Exports Scheme (SES)
  • New Zealand Food Act Registered
  • USA FDA and USA USDA registered
  • Phytosanitary programme registered for Taiwan, China, Japan and Russian markets
  • Kroger Certified
  • ASDA/Walmart Certified
  • Plus other customer-specific compliance requirements

Investing in Traceability for Our Customers

Food safety has become a major focus world-wide. So the New Zealand apple industry has invested heavily over many years to ensure the minimum of human intervention in its growing practices, opting instead for biological pest and disease management, making our apples almost indistinguishable from organic fruit.

Key Facts:

  • Mr Apple has invested $4 million dollars in the most sophisticated and comprehensive traceability system in NZ, “MAX”.
  • We can trace cartons from arrival destination all the way back through transport, documentation, packhouse (including time, day, run, pallet and carton number) right back to the truck, the orchard, the bay the apple came from and the picker who picked the fruit.
  • Our traceback system also links to spray diaries, which provide information on what, when, where and who grew the apple in question.
  • Mr Apple also conducts extensive residue testing each year to ensure fruit integrity destined for certain markets and customers.