Every apple…our best apple


Mr Apple is the largest vertically integrated apple exporter in New Zealand.

We own and control our own orchards, packhouses, coolstores and logistics operation.

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But it’s not just our vertical integration and control that makes us stand out from the rest; it’s much more than that…

We Grow Apples That Grow Your Sales

A great apple is refreshing, juicy and brings customers back for more.

Great tasting apples sell faster, turn over more quickly and reduce shrinkage and waste. As a result, quality is important.

Mr Apple apples reduce your shrink and increase your sales because they are grown, picked, cooled and packed in order to store better and eat well for longer.

More + Less -

Mr Apple’s investments in growing new, in-demand varieties; in automated packhouse technology; in fast and efficient mass scale cooling capacity; and in state of the art inventory management all enable us to send our customers an apple that looks great, tastes great and lasts longer.

At Mr Apple, our customers are successful and profitable because of our focus on the apple. And when you do what is right for the apple, great tasting and fast selling apples are the result.

Our Service and Delivery is Second to None

We bring a fresh, new perspective to the apple category, by providing our customers with valuable insights and information.

We work with our customers to set and deliver on performance and growth targets, and work with their buyers to implement innovative growth initiatives.

We are a supplier that can be trusted to deliver – every time.

We Invest in State-of-the Art Facilities

Mr Apple has invested over $5 million in forced air cooling and long term storage systems in our coolstores to lock in quality.

That means our customers have the flexibility they need to sell their apples over a longer period of time.

We Have a Network of Global Partners

Mr Apple supplies over 135 customers in 50 countries. Our customers include importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Our global reach, our customer diversity and our international focus makes Mr Apple New Zealand’s export experts – and you can rely on us to deliver.