Every apple…our best apple


We have an apple for every need.

With different varieties, colours, grades and sizes, we meet a diverse array of global customer needs from February through September.

Varieties and Availability

We are New Zealand’s largest supplier of high colour and non-proprietary apples. We have a large range of traditional and new varieties, with different quality and colour grades, to meet a diverse array of customer needs.

Mr Apple’s continual investment in new and IP varieties means our orchards are continually keeping up with changing consumer tastes...and helping you stay ahead of the competition. .

In addition, we are New Zealand's largest exporter of the most popular and most common varieties. Mr Apple exports over 25% of New Zealand's Royal Gala, Queen and Pink Lady apple crops.

Varieties and Availability Variety Chart - PDF

Quality and Consistency

Through Mr Apple’s entire process of picking apples and getting them into cartons, we are 100% focused on soft and gentle handling.

Because shoppers around the world buy apples with their eyes, our focus on gentle handling enables us to prevent bruising and supply you with more saleable apples per carton.

Supply Volumes

Mr Apple produces and exports approximately 25% of the NZ apple crop and we provide our customers with program volumes available right through the NZ season.

To meet customer demands we’ve invested heavily in high colour apple varieties and tools like reflective foil to maximise fruit colour.

Your One-Stop-Shop

We sell apples to over 50 countries across four continents.

Mr Apple’s sheer size means we offer something for everyone – we can deliver the volume, range, quality and price diversity our customers require for success. In addition, we have 100% production control, from the orchard to the container, ensuring every apple is grown with a focus on quality and consistency.

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