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Welcome to Mr Apple
The home of apple excellence

Because everything we do at Mr Apple is about growing great quality apples; apples that help our customers sell more and make more money.

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Customer Benefits

We are 100% focused on how we can deliver the very best apples to our customers.

Exporting 25% of NZ’s Apples

We are New Zealand’s largest vertically integrated grower, packer and exporter of apples.

What does this mean for you?

Based in ”Apple Country” New Zealand

We've turned growing apples into a science in the best apple producing country in the world

What does this mean for you?

Global Apple Experts

We understand the diversity in global customer needs and can cater to them all.

What does this mean for you?

World-Leading Traceability

Our apples are 100% traceable, from the orchard to the store.

What does this mean for you?
  • Mr. Apple is proactive and more tuned into markets.

    G. Khosla, NGK Trading Company, India

  • Best quality, reasonable prices and commitment to ship the orders.

    E. Al Shahabi, Al Shahabi Trading Co, Qatar

  • Mr Apple apples are very consistent, from the first layer to the last.

    J. Go, Sun Moon Fruits Inc, Philippines

  • Mr Apple has a consistent quality standard and steady supplies the whole season.

    E. Chi, Coverings, Taiwan

      Meet Our Team

      We all share one thing – a passion for the apple.

      Andrew van Workum, CEO

      As CEO I maintain very strong links to predominantly European and UK sales base and oversee all sales and marketing strategies for the business.

      Andy McDougall, Sales Manager - Wholesale

      Growing up on a vegetable farm in Pukekohe, produce is in my blood, so the fact that I have spent 31 years exporting New Zealand fruit and vegetables to over 40 countries will come as no surprise.

      Ben McLeod, Sales Manager - Retail

      I focus primarily on retail sales & distribution throughout the ROW Markets, as well as growing and maintaining relationships in North America and Europe.

      Mark Pay, Export Sales Executive

      I am very keen to learn more about your market, and the challenges you face, and together with my experience, I’d like to help you develop your business.

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      Our Apples

      We have an apple for every need.

      Varieties and Availability

      We have a large range of new and traditional varieties, available in different colour and quality grades to meet customer demand for different price points.

      Quality and Consistency

      From picking to packing to market, we are 100% focused on soft and gentle handling to ensure bruising is minimised and our focus on quality is always maintained.

      Volume of Supply

      Mr Apple produces and exports 25% of the New Zealand apple crop, and we provide detailed seasonal programmes to service all customers’ requirements.

      Your One-Stop-Shop

      We have the volume, quality, and range required to meet your diverse needs for the whole of the NZ season.

      More about our apples

      Our Global Reach

      Mr Apple is New Zealand’s leading global apple exporter, working with world class retailers, importers and wholesalers around the world.

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