Every apple…our best apple


We have turned the art of growing apples into a science.

Our detailed attention to the science of quality means our customers get a more consistently delicious apple with a longer shelf life.

Want to see how?

We’ve invested significantly in growing and cutting-edge packhouse technology to ensure our customers get both quality and consistency.

Growing – Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

Mr Apple operates 15 orchard management groups, covering 64 GlobalG.A.P. accredited orchards which have over 1,200 hectares of prime Hawke’s Bay land.

Over the past five years, Mr Apple has spent $8 million dollars re-grafting 180ha of orchards to new high colour varieties to provide our customers with a more comprehensive choice of apples.

We have also invested over $1.5 million dollars in 800 kilometres of reflective foil in order to grow more high profit, high colour varieties ensuring higher packouts and consistent availability.

Harvesting - Using Science for a Longer Shelf Life

By focusing on apple excellence, Mr Apple leads the market in terms of maturity harvesting testing. Our apples are harvested only when they pass stringent maturity tests,, including background colour, brix, firmness and starch.

Accurate maturity harvesting is a key reason why Mr Apple apples last longer and store better with limited loss in quality.

Our comprehensive, science-based approach means we are apple led, not market led, when it comes to making harvesting decisions.

Grading - Automated Defect Grading Removes Human Error

In the apple business, bruising matters because all shoppers, no matter where they are in the world, buy apples with their eyes.

Mr Apple has invested millions of dollars in Spectrim, a world leading Compac Sorting Equipment automatic defect grader.. This amazing technology takes 240 photos of every apple in a split second in order to assess external and internal quality. This means the machine is taking approximately 640,000 photos of apples per minute! We like to think of it as the world's largest apple 'selfie' machine.

Using this advanced technology significantly improves consistency and eliminates apples with common defects being exported.

Packing – Confidence in Quality and Consistency

Our investment in technology throughout the harvesting and packing process allows us to minimize our apple handling.

Defect grading means our customers can be confident they are getting the exact grade they are buying, with every carton in that grade exactly the same as the other.

This means retailers will minimise the risk of their customers returning prepacked fruit because the bag is underweight, or an oddment of sizes.

Cool Chain – You’ve Got to Lock That Quality In

Mr Apple has invested over $5 million in state of the art forced air cooling with the capacity to SmartFresh, pre-cool, store, & CA store over 25,000 pallets.

During our harvest, we cool 800 pallets of apples a day from a field temperature of 22C down to a pulp temperature of less than 2 degrees.

Our apples last longer because we lock in the quality from the moment they are picked giving our customers the flexibility they need to sell them over a longer period of time.