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Orchard Workforce

December 19, 2013 | Video

“…team of hundreds of workers from around the world…”

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  1. Kay McKenzie says:

    Hi there

    Sonny left a message for me regarding truck driving today. Unfortunitely my cell doesn’t work here at home. My landline is 06 3743634, but I will try and get hold of Sonny tomorrow.

    I am available part-time this week, full time next week if needed and part-time the following. I am available the first week of the school holidays, full time if needed. Not available the second week of the school hols.

    I have driven many horse trucks, with a tipper and have unloaded carparts on pallets when I worked for Repco, but I don’t have my forklift licence. I have a class 4 Truck licence. I am a sheep & cattle farmer.

    Thanks very much
    Kay McKenzie

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