Every apple…our best apple


We have an apple for every need.

With different varieties, colours, grades and sizes, we easily service a diverse array of global customer needs from February through September.

Varieties and Availability

We are New Zealand’s largest supplier of high colour and non-proprietary apples. We have a large range of traditional and new varieties, with several different quality grades to meet different price points.

Mr Apple’s investment in new varieties means we can keep up with your customer’s demands. Today, 65% of our productions is high red colour varieties.

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In addition, we are the largest exporter of many of New Zealand’s most popular and most common varieties.

Mr Apple exports: 23% of NZ’s Royal Gala crop, 26% of the NZ Queen crop and 31% of the NZ Pink Lady crop.

More about our varieties and availability here

Quality and Consistency

Through Mr Apple’s entire process of picking, putting apples into bins, transporting them, getting them out of the bins at the packhouse, then packing, grading and getting them into cartons, we are 100% focused on soft and gentle handling.

Because most shoppers around the world buy apples with their eyes, our focus on gentle handling enables us to significantly prevent bruising, ensuring our customers end up with more to sell and make money from.

Volume of Supply

Mr Apple produces and exports approximately 25% of the NZ industry volume and we provide our customers with program volumes available right through the NZ season.

To meet customer demands we’ve invested heavily in higher coloured strains of apple varieties and reflective foil in the orchards and this has resulted in a 30% increase in colour.

Annual Planning

We provide detailed seasonal programmes to service all customers’ requirements.

We offer ‘Hassle-Free’ buying as a result of our sophisticated crop planning and logistics management system.

Buyers can ‘lock in’ their NZ apple orders before the season starts.

Food Safety and Traceability

Mr Apple has invested significantly in food safety and traceability.

We have one of the most comprehensive traceability systems in the world.

This gives our global wholesale and retail customers the confidence and assurance to know that our apples are safe and 100% traceable back to source.

More about our commitment to traceability here

Your One-Stop-Shop

We sell apples to over 40 countries and we are able to service most customers’ needs. Mr Apple’s sheer size means we offer something for everyone – we can deliver the volume, range, quality and price diversity our customers require for success.

We offer multi-tiered quality and pricing options because we know different apples meet different needs.

And we have 100% control, from the orchard to the container.

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To learn more about Mr Apple, click here to view our video

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New Zealand is “Apple Country”

New Zealand is the only place in the world where apples are grown in a truly oceanic island environment.

As an island nation we are free from many of the pests and diseases that are prevalent in other apple producing regions around the world.

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The sea around New Zealand is deep and cold which keeps average temperatures lower than that of Mediterranean countries of similar latitude.

Relatively cool summers and warm winters mean New Zealand is the best place in the world to grow apples. Warmer summer sunshine, crisp winter frost and access to good quality and quantity of water means that apples ripen slowly, need minimum human intervention, and develop a naturally crisp texture and intense flavour.

To see more of New Zealand’s natural beauty, please click on the following video provided by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

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